Beach Party Microwave S'mores

S'mores are one of my favorite summer treats and when I can turn them into something this adorable, well, enough said. Gather the kids and make a batch of these gooey beach party microwave s’mores today. (You might even want to start planning a pool or beach party to show them off.)

Beach Party Microwave S'mores for Summer Parties

I first shared these Beach Party S’mores Treats last month over on Landeelu. They'll be a sweet addition to your next beach (or pool) party, and there’s no bonfire required. Add some Frosted Flip-Flops Cookie Treats and some Sunny Summer Slush for a perfect pool party treat line-up. And the kids will love helping put it all together!

Beach (or Pool) Party S'mores Recipe

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Supplies for Beach (or Pool) Party Microwave S’mores

  • Ritz Crackers for a Sweet & Salty S’more (or Vanilla Wafers if you prefer)
  • Large Marshmallows (cut in half)
  • Teddy Grahams (1 per s’more)
  • LifeSavers Gummies (1 per s’more)
  • Blue Candy Melts (I melted about 3-4 per s’more)
  • Food Markers (for sunglasses and marshmallow beach ball–Fun, but totally optional!)

How To Assemble Your Beach Party S'mores Treats

This sweet and salty Beach Party S’more goes together a lot like my Back to School Apple S’mores and Pumpkin S'mores.

If you’d like your bears to have sunglasses, it’s easiest to draw them on first. (I learned the hard way.)

Teddy Grahams and Ritz Crackers go together to make cute Beach Party S'mores

But they look pretty darn cute even if they aren't rockin' cool shades.

Next, melt blue candy melts according to package directions. (I melted 3-4 per cracker.) Dip Ritz cracker tops (one per s’more) in the blue candy coating. Spread the melted candy with a knife if necessary. Leave the coating a little thicker in the center of the cracker to help secure the “Teddy Graham swimmer.” Put a Teddy Graham in a “Lifesaver floatie” and press into the blue candy coating. Make one floating bear top for each s’more.

Let the decorated crackers cool on wire rack or wax paper. If you’re in a hurry, they’ll set faster in the refrigerator.

Once the the candy coating has hardened, place half of a large marshmallow, cut-side-down, on a plain Ritz cracker. Heat in microwave on a microwave safe plate until the marshmallow puffs. (Note: Microwaves vary so watch carefully. Mine puffed in about 12 seconds in a 1200 watt oven. Fresh marshmallows puff the fastest.) 

Top with a decorated Ritz cracker. If you’re not eating immediately, set aside to cool. (Try not to bump the Teddy Graham since the heat of the marshmallow might melt the top a little.)

Quick Serving Tip: Graham Cracker crumbs make excellent edible sand! (I learned that trick the first time I made Frosted Flip-Flop Cookies with my daughter years ago.)

Beach Party Microwave S'mores make great Summer Party Treats

If you don't have time the day of the party, I’ve made these microwave s’mores the night before and stored them covered at room temperature.

Want more fun food ideas? Check out this post: 11+ Adorable S'mores & Holiday Treats 

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by today!

These Beach Party S'mores were originally shared with Landeelu readers on June 22, 2016.



  1. These are so cute it's RIDICULOUS!

    1. Thanks LouAnn!!! I bet the girls would have a great time making some with their friends:)


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