Frosted Flip-Flops Cookie Treats

Today I'm sharing a fun food idea that is perfect for a summer-themed kids' party. Make these frosted flip-flop cookies ahead of time or spread out the supplies and let the kids decorate their own. Either way, the results are adorable!

Several years ago my daughter hosted a summer team event at our home. At the time, we had seen a photo of some flip-flop cookies somewhere and decided to try our hand at our own version. Paired with some colorful fruit punch and bright straws she picked out at the grocery store, the flip-flop cookies were a hit and looked great too! For more of my fun party treat ideas, read 11+ Adorable S'mores & Holiday Treats.

First, we picked up some Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies (the perfect shape for flip-flops), assorted candies, frosting, and some spray food color. (We grabbed a box of graham cracker crumbs too. Turns out, they make great "sand" for your serving tray!)

How-To Decorate Flip-Flop Cookies

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Supplies Needed for Frosted Flip-Flop Cookies

  • Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies (or other cookie variety with the desired shape)
  • Spreadable Frosting (assorted colors or white if you're using the spray food colors)
  • Wilton Spray Food Color (we used orange on the white frosting)
  • Candy for Straps (We chose Gummy Worms & Twizzlers Rainbow Twists)
  • Other assorted small candies for decoration
  • Graham Cracker Crumbs (Optional, but makes great "sand" for the serving tray)
Make Flip-Flop Cookie treats with your kids.

How to Assemble Frosted Flip-Flop Cookie Treats

Frost cookies in desired colors. We decided to make pairs of flip-flops. We colored a few of the white pairs with orange Wilton Food Spray before adding the candy straps.

To make the flip-flop straps, we used a kitchen shears to cut short lengths of Twizzlers candy and Gummy Worms. We cut each piece in half lengthwise leaving the two halves attached at one end to form the "V" of the straps. Press those into the frosting.  On some of the cookies, we added additional candy embellishments.

The cookie assembly was simple and I loved that at 9 years old, my daughter could make most of the preparations herself! She was thrilled with the spread she was able to set out for her guests.

If you've got a little time to prepare before your summer party, try making a batch of my favorite Frozen Slush to serve instead of the store-bought punch. (Don't pass up the chance to add little drink umbrellas!) Or even whip up a batch of Summer Popsicles! My kids always seemed to love making popsicles at home in the summer...although the waiting for them to freeze part was always difficult!

Enjoy your summer! Thanks for stopping by today:)



  1. This is the cutest cookies I have ever seen!

  2. These are so cute. And would be perfect for our beach themed family birthday party in August - where? At the beach! 4 birthdays between August 1 and September 8!


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