Print It: You Are My Sunshine Valentine Printable

Last year I shared a "Kool" Valentine printable for Kool-aid drink pouches. This year I put together a new version to use with my daughter's favorite CapriSun drink pouches. It goes together quickly with only a few supplies, and BONUS, you can avoid being tempted by all the goodies in the Valentine aisle!

You Are My SunShine DIY Valentines

So grab some drink pouches from the pantry or put them on your shopping list, print and cut apart the You are My Sunshine cards, and gather some little helpers. You'll have classroom Valentines ready to go in no time!

Happy New Year & Top Posts of 2014

Happy New Year to you all!

While I started sharing a few posts here in 2013, the close of 2014 marks my first full year of blogging. I thought I'd kick off this New Year with a round up of my most viewed posts of 2014. Looking at the numbers, a few of last year's Christmas posts would actually be in this year's top ten! I decided to limit the list to posts published in 2014, but I'll give you a peek at those popular posts of 2013 later:)

So here it goes, my top ten most viewed posts of 2014:
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