Print It: Hoppy Easter Bunny EOS Cards

With spring in the air and Easter almost here, I thought I'd whip up an Easter printable to use with EOS lip balm. Inspired by the You’re the Bomb Valentine I shared last February, I used my iPad and stylus to create an EOS lip balm printable card featuring a cute little bunny.

Print free Hoppy Easter cards to use with EOS lip balm. Cute gift idea!


Make It: Bunny-Shaped Crayons for Easter

Holiday-themed crayons are such a great way to make old crayons new again. This easy up-cycle craft can be adapted for any holiday. Last spring, I used a Bunny cookie pan to make these adorable Bunny-Shaped Crayons for Easter.


Bunny S'mores for Easter

Make these adorable Bunny S'mores for Easter. They'd make such a cute addition to your dessert table! Or you could wrap them individually and tuck them into this year's Easter baskets.

Pastel candy corn and pretzels make Bunny faces on Microwave S'mores for Easter.

If you've stopped by before, you know that I like to come up with new holiday-themed s'mores each season. I've been trying to come up with a Bunny S'more for a while now, and this one's a keeper. 

Easter Bunny S'mores Treats Recipe

These Easter Bunny S'mores are a cinch to make. Their cute candy faces were inspired by the Bunny Bark at Nest of Posies (definitely on my list of treats to try). 
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