July 1, 2015

Make It: Stamped and Beaded Garden Markers

Do you have a vegetable garden or know someone who does? It's on my very long list of things to do/try, but my sister has a beautiful garden and she's been hoping for some new garden markers for a while now:)
Stamped and Beaded Garden Marker craft

Easy DIY Garden Markers (tutorial)

Stamped & Beaded Garden Marker Tutorial

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Supplies Needed for Your DIY Plant Markers

  • 10" Zinc Garden Markers (or I found some at our local Bachman's garden center)
  • 18-gauge wire (or thickness to fit your beads)
  • Assorted glass seed beads (size 6/0 "E")
  • Decorative Silver-toned beads (Butterfly and Dragonfly found at my local Michaels)
  • Metal Alphabet Stamps (I used 1/4" stamps for the markers in the photo.)
  • Hammer, small pliers/wire cutter, pencil, tape, and ruler.
  • Acrylic sealer - optional
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