Make It: Beaded Wire Christmas Ornament

Christmas tree ornaments are fun and often inexpensive to make at home. These pretty beaded wire stars that I first shared on The Idea Room, only take a short time to put together. Make a bunch to trim your tree, give as gifts, or even decorate packages this season.

Pretty Wire-Wrapped Star ornaments. Perfect for your Christmas tree!

This quick and easy wire-wrapped diy Christmas ornament looks much more complicated than it is. My inspiration was a gold wire-wrapped star ornament that my sister made to hang on my tree quite a few years ago.

Wire Star Christmas Ornament Tutorial

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I started by raiding my wire and bead stash from past projects to see if I could come up with something similar to make as gifts this year. If you happen to have green or red craft wire, you might also enjoy making some Curled Wire Wreath and Candy Cane Ornaments for your tree when you're done with these stars!

Here's the list of materials I used to get the look pictured, but experiment with other wire and bead combinations to get the look you want:)

Supplies Needed for Beaded Wire-Wrapped Ornament

You'll also need a small wire cutter and jewelry or other small pliers for bending the wire, a star-shaped cookie cutter to use as a pattern, and a pencil or dowel for shaping the hanging loop. (The cookie cutter I used was almost 2 1/2 inches across.)

How to Make a Wire-Wrapped Christmas Ornament

Begin by shaping a star from the silver-colored 12-gauge wire. I started with the hanging loop. Wrap the wire a round a pencil or small dowel twice. Continue shaping a five-pointed star. (I used a metal cookie cutter as a guide.) When you get back to the hanging loop, wrap the wire around your starting point a couple of times and cut with wire-cutters.

Next, thread beads onto the loose end of your spool of thin beading wire. (I used around 25 beads on each of the ornaments in the pictures.) Anchor the end of the wire by wrapping it securely around the silver wire. Begin wrapping the copper wire around your star shape. I made several passes around the star before I started leaving the beads in place. (I wanted the beads to end up on the outer layers of the wire.)

Keep wrapping the thinner wire in varying directions around the star until you achieve the look you want. Cut the wire from the spool. Wrap the cut end securely around the silver wire and trim excess.

Make a wire-wrapped Christmas ornament or two to give as gifts!

Add a metal ornament hanger or ribbon for hanging.

Pretty Christmas ornament craft. Easy gift idea!

Add some pretty ribbon bows for a softer look.

Beaded and wire-wrapped Christmas ornament how-to.

Didn't that go together quickly? I love fun creative projects, but often find myself pressed for time so the quicker the better some days. I'm also less likely to get distracted and leave it unfinished if it can be completed in one sitting;) Can anyone else relate?

Btw, these Mini Winter Hat Ornaments are even easier. And if you've got yarn leftover from other projects, they're practically free to make.

Thanks for stopping by today. Happy Crafting!

This Wire-Wrapped Star Ornament tutorial was first shared as part of The Idea Room's Holiday Series, November 21, 2016.



  1. Those are really cool and quite unique. I love them.

  2. I like those! Different too! Pinned. I'm liking the look of copper this year.

  3. I just love this idea! Laura, you are so talented. I am amazed at your creativity. Thanks for sharing and continuing to inspire me.
    Merry Christmas.

  4. OH WOW! this is so beautiful! I would love to do a tree filled with these.Will keep this for future project.

  5. I love everything about this, It has it all. Will have to give these a try. Thanks so much for sharing!


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