February 13, 2015

Print It: You're the Bomb! Lip Balm Valentine

Since it's been a busy month around here, I haven't posted as many Valentine's ideas as I had hoped to. So, I thought I'd at least post this one that I shared last month on Landeelu. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Fun You're the Bomb! printable Valentine's Day cards for EOS lip balm.

Here's a fun printable Valentine's Day card makes a fun non-candy option for your daughter or granddaughter. Or maybe for a teacher? It might even make a fun gift for the favorite babysitter who's watching the kids for you on Valentine's Day!

Supplies Needed for You're the Bomb Valentines

  • EOS lip balm for each Valentine (I chose strawberry-kiwi.)
  • You're the Bomb! Valentine's printed on white card stock
  • Scissors (or craft knife)
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