Frosted Flip-Flops Cookie Treats

Today I'm sharing a fun food idea that is perfect for a summer-themed kids' party. Make these frosted flip-flop cookies ahead of time or spread out the supplies and let the kids decorate their own. Either way, the results are adorable!

Several years ago my daughter hosted a summer team event at our home. At the time, we had seen a photo of some flip-flop cookies somewhere and decided to try our hand at our own version. Paired with some colorful fruit punch and bright straws she picked out at the grocery store, the flip-flop cookies were a hit and looked great too! For more of my fun party treat ideas, read 11+ Adorable S'mores & Holiday Treats.

DIY Stamped Condiment Spoons

Add an easy custom touch to your next summer BBQ, Taco Night, or Sundae Bar with this easy metal stamping project.

DIY stamped Condiment Spoons make great hostess gifts!

Custom-Stamped Condiment Spoons are a fun way to add a personal touch to your summer buffets. Last summer, we served hot dogs and lots of toppings over the 4th of July. With Memorial Day coming up, I thought I'd break this project out again! Grab some metal stamps and some inexpensive stainless steal teaspoons and make a set of your own for summer entertaining. So easy!!
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