January 30, 2014

Make It: Hand-Stamped LOVE Pendant

I enjoyed making and wearing the Hand-Stamped JOY Pendant that I made for the holidays so much, that I thought I'd try to come up with a similar design for Valentines.

Stamped Valentine's Pendant Tutorial

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This little pendant goes together very quickly. Once it's stamped, there's very little to it!

Supplies Needed for Stamped Pendant

  • Metal Washer
  • Black Silk Cord Necklace (ball chain or ribbon could be substituted)
  • Heart Charm (I found mine at Michaels.)
  • Metal Alphabet Hand-Stamps/Punches (I found a 36 piece set at Michaels. Letter-size 6mm.)
  • Industrial Sharpie Marker (for blackening the impressions)
  • Hammer

First, stamp your washer. (Place your washer on a hard surface, like concrete.  Don't stamp on your hardwood or tile floors.  It could be disastrous. If you're planning multiple stamping projects, you might want to invest in a steel bench block.) Stamp an I to the left of the washer opening and a U to the right.  Fill in the letters with a black Sharpie marker to make them more visible and "age" them a little. Wipe away any excess ink.

String your heart charm on the necklace or attach with a jump ring. Thread the charm up through the center of the washer and back through the loop made by the cord. Tighten.

Adjust the position of the charm on the cord until it hangs how you like it:)

That's it! Wasn't it easy?

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. I entered this project in the 2014 Crafting with the Stars Contest on East Coast Creative Blog. Wish me luck! (If you check out the link, I'm #215 so you have to scroll down a ways to find me. There are lots of really great projects linked up, if you're looking for inspiration or new blogs to follow!)


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