Friday Art Fun! Painting with Primary Colors

Hello! Hello! Welcome to Friday Art Fun! I am so glad you're joining me for this new series. For this week, we'll be talking about COLOR.

The primary colors are red, blue and yellow. Those colors can be combined to make the secondary colors. I often like to start an art lesson with a children's book or two on the topic. Two of my favorites about COLOR are White Rabbit's Color Book by Alan Baker and Mousepaint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. Both have delightful illustrations that engage children while teaching them about mixing colors. A sure hit with younger children.

After reading together, provide white paper and red, blue and yellow paint. (For very young children, you don't even need brushes. Choose child-safe finger-paint and finger-painting paper.)

I have presented this project to many groups of children over the years. Sometimes we've used brushes, but other times we've used sponge paint-rollers and trays a lot like these. The different textures can have really fun results. I like to provide larger paper when using the rollers. When my kids were little I tried to have a package of 12x18 paper on hand for projects like this. The broad strokes of the roller fill the page pretty quickly.

Encourage exploration by asking questions. "What happens when you mixed red and yellow paint on your paper?" "Which colors did you mix to make this green stripe?"

Some children will focus on the end result of their painting, a picture they want to create, but for most the process is what's important. As you watch, they'll have some pretty cool color combinations on their paper, but most won't tire of the project until it's all BROWN! (Just like the white rabbit!)


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