Make It! Kid's Art Portfolio

Hello. Today I am sharing an easy art portfolio made from your child's art, some poster board, and tape or clear contact paper. You might even like to make one for each year. Good times are at the start of a new school year or around your child's birthday. Pick a time that works for you.

Supplies Needed for Kid's Art Portfolio

  • Artwork (for front of portfolio)
  • Solid-color Poster Board (cut to match front)
  • Colored Tape or Clear Contact Paper
  • More Tape or Cloth Bias Tape (for handles)

This project works best with larger flat art pieces. (I recommend 12x18 or larger.) If you don't have one large piece, have your child create a painting or drawing directly on poster board already cut to size or collage several smaller pieces onto some poster board.

Measure your selected artwork. Cut a piece of plain poster board to match. This will be the back of your portfolio. (Tip: If the artwork you picked for the front is light-weight, you might want to mount it on poster board for stability before continuing.)

Assembling the Portfolio for Children's Artwork

Using tape, we will create the seam. Place your poster board and artwork face down with bottom edges together about 1/8" apart. Tape the seem with clear tape of your choosing. (I used packing tape.) Flip over and tape the outside of the seem with colorful tape. In the example, I used colored plastic tape. I think colorful Duck Tape or packing tape would work great too!

If you prefer, skip the tape and cover the whole thing with clear Contact-paper. Lay out your Contact-paper sticky side up. Carefully place your artwork facedown with bottom edges about 1/8" apart. Carefully smooth art with your hands. I like to work from the center outwards. Lay out a second piece of Contact-paper sticky side up. I found that holding the portfolio from each end and resting the seem on the contact paper first worked best. Then carefully place the portfolio down on the Contact-paper smoothing out air bubble with your hands. Trim around the edges leaving 1/8-1/4" of Contact-paper to seal the edges.

For tape handles, cut tape and fold length-wise sticky sides together.  Leave 1-2" unfolded at either end to attach to the inside of the portfolio. I reinforced my handles with extra packing tape.

For cloth handles, cut two lengths of bias tape. Punch holes in front and back of portfolio. Thread bias tape through wholes and tie knots in each end to secure.

That's it! Now fill your portfolio with lots of great art:) and stop back for Friday Art Fun! Have a great day!


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