Baby Chicks Easter S'Mores

Cute seasonal s’mores are so much fun to make! This spring, add a touch of whimsy to your dessert table with these adorable Baby Chick S'mores. These would be great for Easter. Or, wouldn't they make a delightful addition to a baby shower?

Hosting Easter dinner? Wrap these cute treats in cellophane bags to make adorable party favors for the kids' table. Be sure to set out some of these cute-as-can-be Bunny-Shaped Crayons for the kids too:)

Here's What You Need To Make a Baby Chick S'more

  • Ritz Crackers
  • Large Marshmallows (cut in half)
  • Pretzel sticks (2 halves per s'more)
  • Yellow Candy Melts (I melted about 3-4 per s'more)
  • Orange Candy Melts (just a few cut in slivers for beaks)
  • Edible Candy Eyes (I found mine in the baking aisle at Target, or learn how to make edible candy eyes from Amy at My Name is Snickerdoodle.

How To Assemble Your Baby Chick S'mores

First, melt yellow candy melts according to package directions. Dip Ritz cracker tops (one per s'more) in candy melts. Spread candy melt with knife if necessary. Add edible eyes and a sliver of orange candy melt for beak. Let cool on wire rack or wax paper. If you're in a hurry, they'll set faster in the refrigerator.

To assemble an Easter Chick S’more, place half of a large marshmallow, cut-side-down, on a plain Ritz cracker. Heat in microwave on a microwave safe plate until the marshmallow puffs.  (Note: Microwaves vary so watch carefully. Mine puffed in about 12 seconds in a 1200 watt oven. Fresh marshmallows puff the fastest.) Quickly add pretzel stick legs and top with a candy-coated Ritz.

If you'd like to add wings to some, use a little extra melted yellow candy to add candy melt halves as pictured.

Prefer the traditional graham cracker s'mores flavor? Try my Easter Bunny s'mores treats too. They're super simple to make. Lots of fun for kids too! For a complete list of all of my fun food ideas, hop over to 11+ Adorable S'mores & Holiday Treats

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I first shared these Easter Treats with Shabby Creek Cottage readers last spring.



  1. Oh my gosh, too cute for words. I will have to make them.

  2. These are absolutely adorable! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. These little guys are absolutely adorable.

  4. these are so cute and I know my kids will love them!


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