December 13, 2013

Make It: Easy Curled Wire Ornaments

Easy Christmas Craft tutorial for Curled Wire Candy Cane and Wreath ornaments.

These little ornaments couldn't be easier! It will probably take you longer to buy or gather your supplies than to make the ornaments. (I found my pretty Christmas wire at Michael's recently. I thought it would be great for ornaments, although I didn't have a specific plan in mind when I bought it. That's how I roll sometimes-wink-wink).

I think these wire ornaments would look awfully cute as package toppers, too! Just grab some metallic string or ribbon instead of a metal ornament hanger.

Supplies for Curled Wire Christmas Ornaments

  • 12-gauge Aluminum Christmas Wire (I found mine at a local Michaels store.)
  • Ribbon for Bow (I used 7/8" sheer craft ribbon.)
  • Ornament Hanger (You could substitute ribbon or metallic string.)
  • Pencil (Used as a form for wrapping the wire.)
  • Needle nose pliers with wire cutter

How to Make the Candy Cane Ornament

Wrap red & silver patterned wire around the pencil.  I started at the eraser-end just below the metal and wrapped toward the bottom of the pencil.  Pull the loops firmly spacing them a little less than a half inch apart. (Be careful not to pull them too tightly, or it will be difficult to remove the pencil. I learned the hard way!) I stopped wrapping about an inch from the end of my unsharpened pencil.

Clip the end of the wire, and slide the pencil out.  Use a needle-nose pliers to bend over the cut ends. Gently bend the red coil into a candy cane shape. Tie on a cute bow if desired.

How to Make the Wreath Ornament

Follow the same basic method as for the candy cane, except wrap almost all the way to the end of the pencil. Slide the pencil out and shape the coil into a circle.  Use the needle-nose pliers to bend the ends around each other to hold the wreath shape closed. Add a red bow.

To hang the ornaments, I used some simple wire hangers I found at Target this year. (They came plain, but I wrapped them with a little red 20-gauge beading wire.)

Kids' Craft Option

The 12-gauge wire might be difficult for younger children to wrap around the pencil and the wire ends do get a little sharp. Try using the same method with chenille stems or some more pliable wire.

Happy Wrapping!


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