Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

Thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same for me without pie, but add these easy-to-make turkey cupcakes to your dessert table for some extra wow factor. Or add them to the kids' holiday table for some instant smiles:)

Candy and Pretzel Turkey Cupcakes

Here's an easy way to dress up your favorite cupcake recipe (or store-bought cupcakes) for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

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Supplies Needed for Turkey Cupcakes

  • Cupcakes (1 per Turkey)
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Pretzel Rods (broken in thirds)
  • Candy Melts (orange, red, and yellow)
  • Edible Candy Eyes
  • Orange M&M's (cut in half for beak)
You will also need also icing bags (or small plastic bags) for piping the candy melts, a pair of scissors, and waxed paper.

Dress up any cupcake for Thanksgiving!

How to Make Candy-Coated Feathers for Turkey Cupcakes

To make the turkey feathers, I used candy melts and pretzel sticks. I chose red, orange, and yellow candy melts for mine. (I happened to already have those colors which made my choice an easy one!)

Line a baking sheet or flat tray with wax paper. Arrange pretzel sticks in rows. Melt one cup of candy melts in a plastic icing bag. (Follow package for melting instructions. Kneed the icing bag rather than stirring.) Cut a small hole in the tip of the icing bag and pipe melting candy back and forth over pretzel sticks to create feather shapes. I found that a tight figure-eight motion worked best for me. Leave about one third of the pretzel stick exposed for pressing into the cupcake. Chill before carefully removing from the wax paper. Repeat for each desired color. Make a few more than you need in case any crack when you remove them from the wax paper. Once hardened, store in a covered container until serving.

Pipe candy-coating on pretzels to make feathers for Turkey cupcakes.

How to Make Turkey Faces for Thanksgiving Cupcakes

For the turkey faces, break pretzel rods into thirds. You will need two eyes and one candy beak for each turkey. I cut orange M&M's in half for beaks but you could substitute other orange candies or candy corn. Attach the eyes and beak with a little melted candy-coating. Set aside to harden.

Dress up any cupcake with feathers and faces for Thanksgiving.

Assembling Your Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

To assemble your turkey cupcakes, press one of the pretzel rod turkey faces into each cupcake. Arrange three or more candy-coated pretzel feathers to complete the turkey:)

Decorate cupcakes for Thanksgiving!

I stored the candy feathers and faces and the cupcakes separately until ready to serve and assembled them as I put them on the dessert platter. I think this kept the pretzels from getting soggy from the frosting, but mostly it made the cupcakes easier to store. Once assembled, they are a little tall.

What do you think? Not too tough, right? Have fun adding these Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes to your dessert table. So cute!

Add candy feathers and faces to cupcakes to make Thanksgiving Turkeys

Or assemble them with your children or grandchildren on Thanksgiving at the kids' table. Wouldn't that be fun? Add a Thanksgiving coloring page or two and some crayons and you'll be all set.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the long weekend! (Not interested in battling the crowds? The long holiday weekend is a great time to get started on some Christmas crafting.)

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These Thanksgiving cupcakes were first shared with Shabby Creek Cottage readers November 2016.


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