DIY Stamped Condiment Spoons

Add an easy custom touch to your next summer BBQ, Taco Night, or Sundae Bar with this easy metal stamping project.

DIY stamped Condiment Spoons make great hostess gifts!

Custom-Stamped Condiment Spoons are a fun way to add a personal touch to your summer buffets. Last summer, we served hot dogs and lots of toppings over the 4th of July. With Memorial Day coming up, I thought I'd break this project out again! Grab some metal stamps and some inexpensive stainless steal teaspoons and make a set of your own for summer entertaining. So easy!!

DIY Stamped Condiment Spoon Tutorial

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Supplies Needed to Make Custom-Stamped Condiment Spoons

  • Small Teaspoons (I found inexpensive spoons at Target or you could try flea market finds)
  • Metal Alphabet Stamps (I used a 6mm sized set.)
  • Hammer
  • Steel Bench Block
  • Tape (helps hold the spoon steady while stamping)
  • Mason Jars, Small Bowls, or Ramekins for serving.
If you have any questions about basic stamping materials and techniques, Happy Hour Projects has a great introductory post on getting started with metal stamping. I was able to complete some of my earlier projects without a steel bench block, but given the shape of the spoon handles, having a bench block came in very handy for this project. As for metal alphabet stamps, I used a stamp set of 36 Letters & Numerals I found at my local Michael’s. (It’s the same set I used to make my Stamped and Beaded Garden Markers.) (Note: If your spoons are stainless steel, note that it is a harder metal. I have since learned that stamping on stainless steel can dull your stamps, and it is recommended to use a stamp set rated for stamping on stainless steel.)

How to Stamp on Metal Spoons

To stamp a spoon, tape the flat portion of the spoon handle to the bench block. For me, it worked to let the bowl of the spoon hang off the edge of the bench block so that most of the handle could lay flat for stamping. I started with the last letter first, positioning it at the end of the handle. Then I worked backwards to complete the word. Darken the impressions with Sharpie (or other impression-darkening medium) if desired and polish off excess ink.

Make some custom condiment spoons for your next BBQ.

The spoons paired well with some small colorful ramekins, or try some 1/2 pint Ball jars for serving. And, bonus, no drippy bottles on the buffet!

DIY some stamped condiment spoons and serve from mason jars at your next BBQ.

Make sets for for taco toppings (sour cream, salsa, & guacamole) or ice cream toppings (caramel, hot fudge, & cherries) too. Or, try pairing a single stamped spoon with your favorite purchased ice cream topping. Wrapped up with some colorful baker’s twine, wouldn’t it make an adorable hostess gift?

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This project originally appeared on last summer, July 30, 2015.

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  1. This is something I have always wanted to try. Adding this to my craft bucketlist.


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