March 11, 2016

Bunny S'mores for Easter

Make these adorable Bunny S'mores for Easter. They'd make such a cute addition to your dessert table! Or you could wrap them individually and tuck them into this year's Easter baskets.

If you've stopped by before, you know that I like to come up with new holiday-themed s'mores each season. I've been trying to come up with a Bunny S'more for a while now, and this one's a keeper. 

Easter Bunny S'mores Treats Recipe

These Easter Bunny S'mores are a cinch to make. Their cute candy faces were inspired by the Bunny Bark at Nest of Posies (definitely on my list of treats to try). 

Easter Bunny S'mores Ingredients

  • Jumbo Marshmallows
  • Chocolate Chips (Eyes)
  • Graham Cracker Squares
  • Pretzel Sticks (Arms)
  • Pastel Candy Corn (Ears)
  • Pastel M & M's (Nose)
You’ll also need a microwave oven and microwave-safe plate.

How To Assemble Your Bunny S’mores Treats

To make a bunny face s'more, cut a jumbo marshmallow in half and place one half cut-side down on a graham cracker square. The large marshmallows work too, I just preferred the fuller look of the jumbo size for these s'mores.

Microwave until the marshmallow puffs. (Watch carefully. In our 1100-watt microwave, it took about 12-13 seconds.)

Add candy corn for ears. Use an M & M for nose and broken pretzel sticks for whiskers. Add chocolate chips for the eyes. Set aside to cool.

Store Easter Bunny S'mores in a single layer in a covered container. I’ve had success making microwave s'mores a day ahead if serving a crowd.

Looking for more cute treats?  Find more of my fun food ideas here: 11+ Adorable S'mores & Holiday Treats.

Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by today:)


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