December 19, 2014

Wrap It Up! Easy Candy Cane Gift Bag Closure

So, are you in the midst of wrapping up your holiday prep or just getting started? Either way, here's a simple and inexpensive gift wrapping trick that I use every year. You don't even need to know how to tie a bow;)

Use lunch bag style gift bags (or even plain or white lunch bags) and candy canes to wrap small gifts or treats. Average or thin candy canes work the best. I don't think the thick ones would work very well. You will also need a hole-punch and scissors.

Wrap the gift in some tissue if it needs extra cushioning. Fold over the top of the lunch bag once or twice. I usually fold it twice, but with thicker bags it can be difficult to punch holes through that many layers. Use a hole punch to make two holes 2 to 3 inches apart in the folded flap. A standard hole punch doesn't make holes quite large enough for the candy canes so I snip the bottom and sides of the holes with a the scissors and ease the candy cane through.

Add some cute tags to finish. Pictured are my Printable Rudolph Gift Tags, Landeelu's Merry & Bright Gift Tags, and the adorable Retro Christmas Gift Tags from Simple As That.

I hope this tip helps you wrap up your Christmas prep, tout de suite! lol

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