Make It: Itty-Bitty Baker's Twine Wreath

I've been smitten with metal washer crafts since the first pendant I made last summer.  Flat metal washers have become a veritable crafting staple at my house! So why not using them for Christmas crafting too. This tiny wreath tree ornament is the cutest little thing.

This little wreath Christmas ornament takes only minutes to put together and uses very few supplies. Not even glue!

Supplies Needed for Baker's Twine Wreath Ornament

  • Green Baker's Twine (about 2 yards)
  • Narrow Red Ribbon (about 12 inches)
  • Flat Metal Washer (my washer was about 1 1/4" across
  • Wire Ornament Hanger

You will also need scissors, a blunt metal yarn needle, and a small piece of tape.

How to Make Your Baker's Twine Tree Ornament

Start by threading your needle with Baker's Twine.  Use a small piece of tape to anchor the end of the twine to the back of the washer (this isn't necessary but does make starting the wrapping process easier).  Draw the needle up through the center of the washer, wrap around to the back and draw up thought the center again.  Continue wrapping tightly, sliding the loops of the twine close together as you go.  When you get all the way around, hold the twine in place while sliding the needle under several twine loops on the back side.  Clip.  (If you have wrapped the twine tightly, it will hold the end in place nicely.)

To finish, wrap red ribbon around the wreath and tie in a bow (I wrapped mine 3 times before tying the bow). Slip a wire ornament hanger though the red ribbon on the back side.  Hang on the tree!

These little wreaths would also make super cute holiday magnets!  Glue some magnets to the back and display your holiday photos and cards in style.  Buy or make a small metal photo board and you've got an adorable gift for a friend.

Enjoy! Thank for stopping by today:)


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