Halloween Spider S'mores Treats

Last Halloween, I made these cute sweet and salty s'mores that go together easily with a few ingredients and a microwave. Wrap them up in little cellophane bags for a quick and easy Halloween party favor. Or, try using a tabletop s'more maker instead of a microwave and make them together as a fun family night activity.

Supplies Needed for Halloween Spider S'mores

How to Make Halloween Spider S'mores

First, melt chocolate chips or candy melts according to package directions. Dip Ritz cracker tops (one per s'more) in melted chocolate. Add edible eyes and let cool on wire rack or wax paper. If you're in a hurry, they'll set faster in the refrigerator. (Note: I used chocolate chips for this batch, but I found the completed s'mores to melt a little more quickly than batches made with candy melts. Translation: messier fingers when eating!)

To assemble a spider s’more, place half of a large marshmallow, cut-side-down, on a plain Ritz cracker. Heat in microwave on a microwave safe plate until the marshmallow puffs. (Note: Microwaves vary so watch carefully. Mine puffed in about 12 seconds in a 1200 watt oven.) Quickly add a pretzel stick legs and top with a candy-coated Ritz. If you haven't added eyes yet, use a little extra melted chocolate to add them now. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoy these gooey treats! Ritz crackers make cute Pumpkin S'mores too! Or, for a more traditional taste, check out these adorable Owl S'mores from Amy at Living Locurto. I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that her adorable owls were what first inspired me to try making some themed s'mores of my own:)

Thanks for stopping by today. Happy Fall!

I first shared these Spooky Spider S'mores with Shabby Creek Cottage readers October 16, 2015.


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  1. These are too cute! They would be so much fun to make with the kids. Pinned!


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