Make It: Color-Wrapped Mystery Braid Bracelet

Hello! Do any of you like to pack up a project or two when you travel? Or maybe you're looking for a few new projects to do at home while the kids are off school? With it being spring break season, I thought I'd pull out this fun bracelet idea that I first shared last summer on i heart naptime.

Many of you have probably made or received woven friendship bracelets. And, some of you have probably seen the mystery braid bracelets too! When I had my supplies pulled out one day last summer, I started wondering about making the Mystery Braid bracelet more colorful in some way. After a couple of false starts and a knotting lesson from my sister, I came up with this fun version.

What You Need:
Mystery Braid Bracelet kit (I found mine at Michael's)
Cotton Embroidery Floss (3 skeins in colors of your choice)

You'll also want a scissors and tapestry needle on hand for ending off each thread color.

Choose an end of the bracelet to be the top. Start each color at this end. Tie your first color to one of the leather strips. I left about 1/2 inch of the leather unwrapped. (It makes the "mystery braiding" at the end a little easier.)

To wrap, take the thread from the right and cross it over the leather. It looks a little like a "4." Then pass the thread back under the leather and up through the loop that formed the "4." Pull taught. Repeat.

The knots will want to twist to the left as you go, that's okay! When the knotted pattern reaches the left side as you face the bracelet, pass the thread behind the leather and continue working from the right.

Quit wrapping about 1/2 inch from the bottom. Use your tapestry needle to tie off this color and thread the tail back under the wrapping on the reverse side of the bracelet.

After you wrap all three leather strips, follow the directions included in the kit to complete the "Mystery Braid." (Tip: Each braid cycle shortens the bracelet a little bit. Check the fit between each cycle.)

That's it! Now you have a fun new bracelet when you head back from break.

Thanks for stopping by today!

This project originally appeared on i heart naptime, July 25, 2014 as a part of the {Hello Summer} series.



  1. Such a fun idea! My girls would love this! Thanks!

  2. How fun! I used to love making those bracelets when I was a kid, I should make one out of nostalgia.


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