January 24, 2015

Print It: You Are My Sunshine Valentine Printable

Last year I shared a "Kool" Valentine printable for Kool-aid drink pouches. This year I put together a new version to use with my daughter's favorite CapriSun drink pouches. It goes together quickly with only a few supplies, and BONUS, you can avoid being tempted by all the goodies in the Valentine aisle!

So grab some drink pouches from the pantry or put them on your shopping list, print and cut the You are My Sunshine cards, and gather some little helpers. You'll have Valentines ready to go in no time!

What You Need:
CapriSun drink pouches
You Are My Sunshine Valentines printed on card stock (Download Here)
Bakers Twine or String

First, print the cards on white card stock and cut them apart. If you plan to sign the cards, it's easiest to do that before attaching them to the pouches.

Finish by wrapping each set with baker's twine two or three times and tying with a bow.

Whether you need enough for a classroom or just a few for lunch boxes, you'll have them ready in no time!

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope this printable helps you out this Valentine's.

If you're still looking for more ideas, I have been collecting loads of great ones on my pinterest board: Love It! Valentine's Day Fun. Follow along there where you will find tons of creative ideas from all of my favorite bloggers in one place:)


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