Just Bloom: A Daisy of a Post & Free Photo Download

Recently I visited my sister's wildflower garden, camera in hand. It was a great place to practice with camera settings and composition. Read on for some tips and a link to summery printable wall art.

Free printable wall art. Great summer decor update!

The daisies have taken over a bit, as you can see, but I think they made for some striking shots. I thought I'd share some of our favorites here.

Experiment with camera settings and composition.

Flowers in the garden provide countless opportunities for exploring composition. And, since flowers don't look away, frown, or need snack breaks, there's time to try out new or varied camera settings too!

A shallow depth of field in photos can create that blurry background everyone seems to love.

Did you see how this shot changed? Similar composition and perspective, but the depth of field is much shallower. I like the painterly quality that the background took on.

Try focusing on a single flower. Often, compositions are more interesting when the subject is off-center. What do you think?

Beautiful shot of a single daisy!

But, then again, sometimes centered just works.

I added some text to a couple of my favorites, too. If you follow me on Instagram, maybe you have already seen this one.

Sometime soon, grab a camera and your morning coffee and head out to your garden (or maybe your sister's) for some photo exploration. Share your best shots on Instagram and don't forget to tag me. I can't wait to see them!

Until you take some beautiful garden photos of your own, I'm sharing one of mine. Get your copy by signing up for my email list in the form below.

Just print, frame, and smile.

OR, skip the diy step and grab a gorgeous flower print from my online shop.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. Beautiful! I need to take my camera to the garden for some inspiration.


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