Make It: Egg-cellent Crayon Cookies

Crayon cookies are a fun and easy way to make dull or broken crayons new again. You've probably seen them before. We made our first batch of crayon cookies well over a decade ago (not to date myself or anything) after getting a copy of "Don't Move the Muffin Tins" by Bev Bos. Since then we've made them several times, including in heart shapes to give out as Valentines. We might've even done some Halloween shapes one year for a non-candy classroom treat.

So, call me crazy, but when I spotted this Easter Egg shaped cookie pan, I immediately thought crayons not cookies!

What You Need:

Egg-shaped baking pan
Crayon pieces

First, peel and break some crayons. Fill each egg-shaped depression to the top with crayon pieces, even mounding a little bit. (Make sure you use a pan you're willing to dedicate to your art/craft stash. Most instructions recommend not using it for food after this.)

Place the pan in a 250 degree oven. Watch them carefully. Once the crayons are melted, turn off the oven and let the wax cool. If you move the pan while the wax is still liquid, you risk ending up with a lot of brown crayons!

Once the wax is hardened, the crayon eggs should pop out easily. If not, put the pan in the freezer (or on the back porch if you live in a climate like mine) for a few minutes. 

Nestle the crayons in a berry basket or a ceramic egg dish. What a fun addition to your kids' table! Add some Easter coloring pages, paper placemats or a butcher paper table runner for some coloring fun.

Enjoy your holiday! Thanks for stopping by:)

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