Make It: Easy Twisted Cord Bracelets

Looking for an easy summer craft? Try these easy twisted cord bracelets I first shared last month on Landeelu.

Add twisted cord to bracelet links for this simple jewelry craft.

Whether you're looking for an easy summer camp craft, inexpensive gift, or an afternoon boredom buster, these simple wrap bracelets are sure to please. Similar to woven friendship bracelets or the simple braided bracelets that some call "wish bracelets," these take only a few minutes to make.

Twisted Cord Bracelet Tutorial

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Supplies Needed to Make Twisted Cord Bracelets

  • Cotton Braiding Cord - approx. 1.5 yds. per bracelet
  • Bracelet Links - 1 per bracelet (drilled on both ends)
  • Metal Button Closure - optional

You'll also need scissors, tape, and a ruler or tape measure.

How to Make Your Twisted Cord Wrap Bracelet

To make a bracelet, start by selecting your bracelet link. Unlike pendant charms which usually have one hole, the bracelet link will be drilled on both ends or will be an open shape like the infinity link I used in the example. (I found these bracelet links online, but I've also seen several styles in the jewelry section at my local Michael's. Check your local craft store for a style you like.)

Measure out two 25-30" pieces of cord, one for each side of the bracelet. To attach to the link, fold a piece of cord in half and thread the center of the cord though the link. Pass the loose ends of the cord through the loop and pull tight. (I think I've heard this called a lark's head knot.) Repeat on the opposite side.

Before twisting the cord, anchor the link to a table or counter using tape. Holding one strand of cord in each hand begin twisting them each in a clockwise direction until they start to wind up on themselves. Then, while still twisting the individual strands to the right, began wrapping the two strands around each other in a counter-clockwise direction. Adjust the tension to achieve the amount of twist you like.

Continue twisting to the right while wrapping to the left. When you reach the end, tie an overhand knot to keep the cord from unwinding.

Repeat the process for the cord on the opposite side of the link.

Finishing Your Cord Bracelets

These simple bracelets can just be knotted to fasten them, or, if you prefer a more finished look, add a button and loop closure like I did on the black infinity bracelet.

Sizing Tip: 7 inches is a typical adult bracelet size. Adjust the length for wrist size and multiply by the number of wraps you want to make around the wrist. (Keep in mind that the twisting process shortens the finished length of your bracelet.)

Make trendy wrap bracelets with bracelet links and twisted cord. Quick jewelry craft idea!

Wasn't that simple? Give them as gifts or wear them stacked. Enjoy!

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This simple bracelet project was originally shared with Landeelu readers, May 21, 2015.


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