Santa Ornament Yarn Craft

For decades a little yarn Santa ornament has hung on my Christmas tree. It wasn't difficult to make and uses easy-to-find materials so I put together an updated How-To to share with all of you.

Do you remember making something similar when you were a kid?

How To Make an Old-Fashioned Yarn Santa Ornament

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The base of the original Santa ornament was a pop-tab. However, pop-tabs have changed shape since then so I was on a search for a suitable substitute. I settled on flat metal washers leftover from another project. (If you don't have any washers on hand, they're inexpensive and easy to find at your local hardware store.) Split key rings from the jewelry section of the craft store are also about the same size.

Supplies Needed for Traditional Yarn Santa Ornaments

  • Flat Metal Washers (about 1in across)
  • Red & White Yarn (approx. 2yds of each color cut into 6-inch pieces)
  • Wiggle eyes (5mm)
  • Small Red Pom-poms (5mm)
  • Scissors & Glue gun or White craft glue
  • Ribbon or wire (for hanging)

How-To Assemble Your Santa Ornament Yarn Craft

First, fold a piece of yarn in half. Thread the loop through the center of the washer from front to back. Pull the cut ends through the loop to create a slip-knot around the washer. Continue knotting yarn around the washer until desired fullness is reached.  (For reference, the original used 12 pieces of worsted-weight yarn in each color. The update used 12 pieces of red and 8 pieces of the fuller RedHeart Baby Clouds.)

Second, gather the red ends together and tie at desired length. Trim and fluff ends. Trim white yarn beard, if desired.

Third, glue on eyes and nose (felt scraps are a great alternative).  I used hot glue, because it dries quickly. White craft glue works too, just don't get impatient like me and hang it up too soon!

Last, add a ribbon or wire hanger and you're done.

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